How to care for a cracked nose at home.

If your furry friend has cracks or scabs on it’s nose it’s always best to have the vet check it out to rule out any serious conditions. Here at pupcuts we have a few natural and holistic alternatives to keep our pupstomers snout in tip top shape! We believe the key to a beautiful,smooth nose is prevention. Here are a couple tried and trusted at home products. 1. The blissful dog nose butter. You can find this product on

2.Organic snout soother. You can find this product on amazon.

We use these products at home on our two english bulldogs. If your a do-it-yourself kind of person here is a quick nose and paw soother recipe you can make at home.

Homemade Dog Wax/Balm

You’ll need 2 parts olive or almond oil (can use tablespoons), 2 parts coconut oil, 1 part shea butter, and 4 parts beeswax. It’s as simple as mixing the ingredients over a low heat on a stove top in a pot/pan until it is one liquid.

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